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Richard W. Brand BS, DDS, FACD, FICD, Emeritus Professor, Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, MO  


This comprehensive introductory text is perfect for students studying dentistry at any level or scope, featuring coverage of dental anatomy and head and neck anatomy, as well as oral histology and embryology. The easy-to-understand text material is enhanced and supported with abundant, high quality illustrations. This edition combines the text with built-in workbook features that enhance and reinforce learning. Flashcards help students memorize and quickly recall vital facts. No other text of its kind offers a learning package this complete!  


Unit 1: Introduction  
1. Oral Cavity  
Unit II: Dental anatomy  
2. The Tooth: Function and Terms  
3. Fundamental and Preventive Curvatures  
4. Dentition 
5. Development, Form, and Eruption  
6. Occlusion 
7. Dental Anomalies  
8. Supporting Structures  
9. Clinical Considerations  
10. Tooth Identification  
11. Root Morphology and Its Relation to Function  
12. Incisors 
13. Canines 
14. Premolars 
15. Molars 
16. Deciduous Dentition  
Unit III: Oral Histology and Embryology  
17. Basic Tissues  
18. Development of Orofacial Complex  
19. Dental Lamina and Enamel Organ  
20. Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp  
21. Root Formation and Attachment Apparatus  
22. Eruption and shedding of Teeth  
23. Oral Mucous Membrane  
24. The Tongue  
25. Salivary Glands  
Unit IV: Head and Neck Anatomy  
26. Osteology of the Skull  
27. Muscles of Mastication, Hyoid Muscles, and Sternocleidomastoid  
28. Temporomandibular Joint  
29. Nose, Nasal Cavity, and Paranasal Sinuses  
30. Muscles of Facial Expression  
31. Soft Palate and Pharynx  
32. Arterial Supply and Venous Drainage  
33. Salivary Glands  
34. Nervous System  
35. Lymphatics and Spread of Dental Infection  
Answers to Review Questions  
Unit Test Answers  
Workbook Questions  
Flash Cards  

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